The technical and technological characteristics of the infoPB, the universal nature of its contents and the fact that it can be adapted to a wide range of contexts make it a most useful implement for the institutions that promote Participatory Budgets.
The infoPB is a resource that tends to be free in its exploitation. Nevertheless, it involves some running costs, as for instance:
  • Assistance to the users;
  • Specialised technical support for administering contents and functions;
  • Translation services to ensure its availability in several languages;
  • Feeding contents into the server while guaranteeing feasibility and security, amongst others. 
There is no intention to turn infoPB into a profit-making device but merely to ensure that the basic costs required for its regular operations are covered.
That is the reason for the current appeal for all users to make a donation that will contribute to the sustainability of this appliance. We believe in building a trustful relation with all infoPBusers, consequently, it is up to each user to decide the amount of the donation he or she wants to provide.
Access to the infoPB is reserved to institutions that promote Participatory Budgets, namely, Public Administrations in every region of the world. The process to use infoPB is carried out at three different levels:
  1. Simple and general registration, allowing to create a user, an institution and to define a process of Participatory Budget. Once the eligibility of the user is checked, an approval will be issued in order to proceed to the second level of exploitation of the appliance resources;
  2. The possibility of using the tools relating to the Management and Evaluation of Participatory Budgets;
  3. The possibility of acceding to the reports menu in order to download or print all information regarding to the corresponding process. 
Subscribe the infoPB and start using it today. The infoPB team will contact you to welcome you to this worldwide network and to give you all the necessary explanations.