The infoPB acts according to the following principles:
  • Privacy. Registered users will have access to a private area where they will be able to design, manage and evaluate their own PB process;
  • Flexibility. It is not compulsory to fill in all the created domains. Each user can adjust this instrument in line with the degree of complexity of the respective PB;
  • Organisation. This system allows for organisational activities and the access to information through an index of specific modules, namely, “conception”, “management” and “evaluation” of PB process;
  • Intelligence. This appliance displays higher levels of intelligence, which will permit information to be crossed among different modules and data or indicators to be automatically computed;
  • Storehouse. This digital system was designed in a way that makes possible the recording of the data referring to the PB, thus creating data bases and annual detailed series in relation to the whole process.